Secretary of State John Kerry is facing growing criticism in Israel and in Washington over his efforts to broker a cease-fire to halt the violence between Israel and Hamas.

Former UN Ambassador and Fox News contributor John Bolton does not think the conditions are conducive to a cease-fire right now, faulting the administration for trying to broker a peace deal for a year and a half despite Hamas still being in power in Gaza.

"As long as Hamas is determined to destroy Israel, there isn't any deal to be cut. There's no room for negotiation. What's the compromise position between Hamas, who wants to destroy Israel and Israel? That Hamas gets to destroy a little bit of Israel? Just think about it for a minute. That is why there has never been a role for diplomacy in the current circumstances and there isn't today looking at a cease-fire," said Bolton.

He called on Kerry to encourage Israel to "do what it needs to do to eliminate the Hamas threat." Bolton argued that the main threat is not infiltration by militants from tunnels in Gaza, but longer-range missiles that have been supplied to Hamas by Iran.

Bolton explained that Israel faces threats from Hamas and from Hezbollah in Lebanon if it ever takes action against Iran's nuclear program.

"That's the real strategic threat and so far Israel has barely scratched the surface of Hamas' capabilities," he said.

Martha MacCallum asked about the potentially "ugly" conflict that could unfold if these forces all combine to attack Israel.

Bolton called on people to focus on the "big picture" threat of nuclear proliferation by Iran and other Middle East countries.

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