In this evening's Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly sounded the alarm on growing threats to America, starting with Russian “dictator” Vladimir Putin’s attempts to humiliate President Obama at every turn.

"The Factor" host singled out Russia’s violation of the 1987 missile treaty, separatist rebels’ continued attacks in Ukraine and the hampered investigation into the MH17 crash as extreme acts of Russian provocation, not to mention Putin’s announcement that he will restore relations with Castro’s Cuba.

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Today, Obama – along with leaders from European nations – imposed new sanctions on Russia, but O'Reilly didn’t recommend holding your breath that these sanctions will stick or be effective, as Europeans “have acted cowardly in the face of Putin's aggression.”

He noted that things are going south all around Obama, internationally and domestically: fighting rages between Israel and Hamas, Iran continues its attempts to gain a nuclear weapon, the ISIS army is poised to attack Baghdad, three quarters of a million weapons given to Afghan security forces are unaccounted for, the U.S. has closed its Libyan embassy in Tripoli due to security concerns and the crisis is ongoing at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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O’Reilly stated that the facts prove Mr. Obama's foreign policy has failed, and “on just about every front, there is danger to we, the people.”

“It is long past time for all Americans to demand that the federal government admit failure and devise effective strategies to protect us and other innocent people around the world," O'Reilly concluded. "When a villain like Putin, whose economy is on the brink of recession, can humiliate the United States of America, something is terribly wrong."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo in the clip above.

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