Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev was on “The Kelly File” tonight where he discussed U.S. attempts to help negotiate a cease-fire.

Megyn Kelly asked Regev if he feels that the U.S. is doing more harm than good in the conflict.

“Not at all […] Everyone in Israel knows the importance of our relationship with the United States and what America has been doing these very days to help us,” he said.

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Regev said that Israel appreciates Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to bring forth a sustained peace, but explained that the issue is difficult, as they are dealing with radical terrorists.

“If it was easy, it would have been done,” he said.

Regev explained that the government is trying to overcome Hamas’ refusal to stop shooting missiles into Israel.

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He said Israel is saddened by every civilian casualty and is making a maximum effort to avoid civilian deaths.

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