Fox News contributor Karl Rove joined Jon Scott on Happening Now today to react to recent polls that reveal Republican candidates are gaining ground on Democrats in several competitive races just three months from the 2014 midterm election.

Although he's dubious of precise numbers at this point, Rove noted that a New York Times poll that had Republicans' chances at taking the Senate at 60 percent was up from 56 percent in April.

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He pointed to Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia as the current Democratic seats most likely to fall to Republicans. Races in 11 other states – including somewhat surprisingly Michigan and Iowa – are either dead-even or still very close, putting 14 Democratic seats at risk.

Seats in Kentucky and Georgia, meanwhile, are currently the only Republican ones that are up for grabs as the midterm election draws closer.

“For the Republicans to win [the Senate], they’d have to beat more than two incumbents,” Rove said. “That hasn’t been done since 1980, but this is good territory for them.”

Watch the clip above.

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