The State Department issued a dire report Monday on the state of religious freedom around the world, with an alarming warning that the Christian presence in the Middle East is becoming a "shadow of its former self." 

Last week, ISIS issued a deadline for every Christian in Iraq to leave the city, pay a tax or face death. Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf was on “Hannity” to discuss how the Obama administration seemed to be ignoring the persecution of Christians in Iraq.

ISIS to Christians in Mosul: Leave, Convert to Islam or Die

“It’s genocide against the Christian community there and the administration is doing almost nothing.” Rep. Wolf said. The Republican congressman added that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should urge Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to defend Christians. Up to 1 million Christians lived in Iraq before 2003, and now thousands have fled from Mosul, seeking Kurdish protection. 

Watch the entire interview above.

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