It’s one of the most sought after first-time jobs in the United States, and it’s not what you would expect. College grads lucky enough to call themselves “Hotdoggers” drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country, where they are treated like rock stars almost everywhere they go.

On the latest edition ‘My America With Elisabeth Hasselbeck,’ we brought the Wienermobile to you and talked to the Hotdoggers behind the wheel.

Elisabeth took us back to the original hot dog on wheels, which wasn't exactly as travel-friendly as the current version.

Plus, we learned what it takes to become a "Hotdogger." Over 1,200 candidates applied for only 12 "brand ambassador" positions. One of the them, "Sizzlin Steve" Hays joined Elisabeth live this morning, recounting a story from the road in which a 75-year-old Wisconsin woman agreed to get a tattoo of the Wienermobile.

Watch the full "My America" above.