A law firm is preparing to sue Russian President Vladimir Putin, alleging he is partially responsible for the MH17 tragedy by providing financial and material support to the pro-Russian separatists who actually fired the rocket.

Kent Zimmerman joined Jon Scott on Shepard Smith Reporting today to discuss the potential ramifications of such a lawsuit, which could be filed by a British law firm against the Russian government in a United States court.

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The 1988 Pam Am 103 bombing – and the $2.7 billion that the Libyan government eventually paid to the families of those victims – sets a precedent, according to Zimmerman, who added that the lawsuit would likely go after the Russian government and Putin himself.

Although the Russian president's approval numbers have remained strong in his country, Zimmerman cautioned that this paints Russia as "an evil villain" and, in the long-term, will cause sanctions, lost investors and other negative consequences.

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Zimmerman pointed out, however, that the restricted crash site and tampered physical evidence will slow any investigation and potential litigation.

"I think it's entirely possible this suit could have legs even though it faces some challenges," concluded Zimmerman.

Watch the clip above.

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