This just in: just looking at a man's facial hair can tell you a lot about him. At least that's what a doctor and facial hair expert says.

For instance, clean-shaven men do not have issues with conformity, while a "wild and feral beard" is indicative of a free spirit who does not follow rules.

As for the mustache, Dr. Allan Peterkin says that tends to mean, "You're a little provocative, and a little defiant. You don't care about what people are projecting (read: their preconceived notions) onto you."

On Outnumbered, #oneluckyguy Geraldo Rivera gave the background on his famous stache.

He's had it since 1968, meaning it's older than his wife and co-host Andrea Tantaros. He said he considers himself "the last of the hippies," remembering that he grew the mustache during a very "tumultuous" time in the country.

He joked that his kids probably wouldn't recognize him without it.

Geraldo said he ran into actor Tom Selleck recently and the two compared mustaches.

Check out the segment above to hear why Geraldo believes he's got the better mustache.