Mike Huckabee last night remarked on President Barack Obama and his response to Israel.

Huckabee said Obama has no interest in his job, calling him a “combination of boss hog and Daddy Warbucks.”

“He fiddles and golfs while the world burns, and then seeks to appease the enemies of freedom instead of challenging them,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee: ‘Barrage of Rockets Fired Into Israel is Just the Pregame for Real Target, the U.S.’

Huckabee slammed the administration’s policy in Israel as “embarrassing.”

“To equate Israel’s defense of itself with the aggressive, inhumane and savage acts of Hamas is as ridiculous as having Franklin Roosevelt saying that the Brits and Nazis were both about the same,” he said.

Huckabee called on the U.S. to demand that Hamas stop firing rockets and fill in tunnels, but said the administration isn’t going to do that. He warned that Hamas is practicing on Israel what it hopes to one day do to the U.S.

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