There’s a peacock problem in one Tampa Bay, Fla. neighborhood.

Residents are complaining that the peacocks are terrorizing their area, pecking at cars and stealing pet food left outside.

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The city has hired a trapper to come in and catch the birds.

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Not everyone wants the peacocks to leave.

"That's what makes this neighborhood kind of different and cool. It's all the peacocks and the things going on here," Rick Staton said. 

Mark Renaud lives across the street. He doesn't have the same peacock enthusiasm as his neighbor Rick. 

"They're a nuisance and they're loud," Renaud said. "Especially early in the morning, it'll rock you right out of a sleep. It's scary. It sounds like a cat that's having something very bad done to it."

Several peacocks live in a tree in Renaud's front yard home, and he couldn't be unhappier. 

"They're digging their claws in and tearing up the roof. To me, it's kind of crazy for the city to keep paying a trapper to come and take these things out of here," Renaud said.

Believe it or not, Renaud and Staton are friends and have been for nearly two decades. They just happen to have a major disagreement on what to do with the birds Renaud calls "raccoons with wings."

The trapper, hired by city officials, would not say how many peacocks he's trapped so far or where they go once they're trapped. 

Staton said there may be too many, but it would be a shame to ruin a neighborhood tradition at the expense of a few negative attitudes. 

"If we didn't like them, we wouldn't be staying here. So there's nothing wrong with the peacocks here," He said. 

Of course, Mark disagreed.