UPDATE, 3:30p ET: Hamas has begun firing rockets into Israel again, ending a 12-hour cease-fire.

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Hamas said it fired five rockets at Israel late Saturday after rejecting Israel's offer to extend a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire by four hours, casting new doubt on international efforts to broker an end to 19 days of fighting.

The terror group said two of the rockets were aimed at Tel Aviv. Police in Israel's second-largest city dispersed a peace rally attended by several thousand people because of the threat, a spokesman said.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the group rejected Israel's proposal to extend an original 12-hour lull by four hours, until midnight (2100 GMT) Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military warned residents of areas where there had been heavy fighting against returning there.

Zuhri sent a text message to reporters Saturday, saying: "No agreement to extending the calm for an additional four hours."

Israel has set its own terms for the lull, saying it would continue demolishing Hamas military tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border.

UPDATE, 2:45p ET: Hamas has rejected a four-hour cease-fire extension with Israel.

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A 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has been extended for four more hours. The cease-fire is set to end at 5p ET.

Conor Powell reported from Gaza City that the cease-fire has held all day. Streets have been filled with Palestinians coming in to collect what’s left of their belongings, like personal items and animals.

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Workers are still pulling bodies from the rubble; it will take days before the death toll is known.

Palestinians say they have never seen this much damage, and some say they couldn’t even recognize their own homes. They blame Israel, the U.N., Egypt’s president and the U.S. While some blame Hamas for the destruction, support for the group remains strong.

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