Lawmakers are getting ready to check out as veterans await check-ups.

Members of Congress are packing their bags for August break, which means VA fixes will have to wait.

A panel discussed this today on “Cavuto on Business.”

‘They Have Left Body Parts, Some of Them Never Made it Back’: Montel Williams Outraged Over VA Scandal

Charles Payne said that Congress is embarking on a five-week recess without having resolved anything.

“It’s an absolute nightmare […] I just don’t know how we can do this kind of disservice to the vets.”

Dagan McDowell called it pure partisan bickering.

McConnell: Pres. Should Be As Focused on VA Scandal as ObamaCare Website Problems

“That’s what’s the most disgusting about it is that they can’t come together for a mutual good cause to fix a very serious problem,” she said.

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