Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Hannity tonight to discuss how he would handle the recent international crises if he were president.

Regarding Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, Sen. Paul told guest host Eric Bolling that “Israel has the right to defend themselves, and I frankly don’t think it’s the role of America to tell Israel what they can or can’t do with regard to defending herself.”

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As for Secretary of State John Kerry’s rejected cease fire, the senator said it’s America’s role to be a facilitator of peace, but that there should be a deal that doesn’t involve the United States telling Israel anything that would be deleterious to their defense.

Israel has asked the U.S. for support with the Iron Dome defense system. Bolling asked Sen. Paul whether it’s a good idea to give Israel more aid.

“I’ve gone a step farther,” he answered, “I think the Iron Dome might be useable within the United States and that we should continue to develop missile defense systems. […] Working in conjunction with Israel on the Iron Dome is a good idea.”

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Sen. Paul said he is also in favor of helping Ukraine with arms and/or monetary support. He said there needs to be a unified front to “stare down” Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that sanctions on Russia will only work if the European Union gets involved.

“About eight percent of Russia’s trade is with the United States, but about 55 percent of Russia’s trade is with Europe. So Europe needs to step up, but this also means that we need leadership in America,” he said.

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