President Obama spoke to leaders from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala today in Washington about the possibility of granting youths from Central America "refugee" status.

Immigrants would no longer have to make the dangerous trek through Central America and Mexico and would instead be screened by U.S. immigration officials in Honduras.

Honduran President: Ambiguous U.S. Laws Fueling Influx at Border

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended the idea as a way to give potential illegal immigrants a legal path to claim asylum in the U.S., which could be an effective deterrent.

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County Ohio, on the other hand, called it a ludicrous idea and described it as government at its worst when he joined Neil Cavuto on Your World.

Honduran President: U.S. Needs to Clarify Immigration Policy

Jones claimed his state is dealing with too many issues, including an education crisis, insufficient child services, overcrowded jails, a broken welfare system and a jobless economic recovery. He said that taking on the influx of immigrants would stretch city, state and federal services even further. 

 “We’ve got so many problems here. We’ve got homeless children here in our own country and in our own state," the sheriff said. "It’s going to be government at its worst.”

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