On America’s Newsroom today, Martha MacCallum was joined by Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham to discuss the criticism President Obama is taking for going on a three-day fundraising trip to California earlier this week and seemingly not focusing on the many global crises that demand his attention.

MacCallum pointed to strong comments Charles Krauthammer made last night on Special Report that characterize the president as withdrawn, checked out and playing golf while the world burns.

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Juan Williams said that Obama’s trip doesn't mean he is detached from world events. Williams asked people to look at the president’s actions – such as attempts at progress in Ukraine, Israel and Syria – and not judge him purely by his outward appearance.

Mary Katharine Ham argued it’s not just his demeanor, but instead brought up a disconnect, arguing that the president is good at declaring the need for change, but he is often unable to take action to make it happen.

He doesn’t know how to walk a path and actually convince people, according to Ham.

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Ham added that foreign policy is not all about boots on the ground and military action, but pro-activity and executing stronger diplomacy before military intervention becomes a necessity.

Martha challenged Williams about the impression being given by Obama during these world events.

"Doesn't that matter, Juan, to some extent, how much the president seems to care about what's going on? Why do you think that doesn't matter?" she asked.

Williams said it does matter, but that the criticism is coming from people who don't like the president and wish he had never been elected.

Watch the full debate above.

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