What should the United States do about the Russia-Ukraine conflict? A new Fox News poll shows 61% do not favor more involvement in Ukraine, compared to 32% who support it.

Three-quarters believe Vladimir Putin has the upper hand on President Obama in the conflict, while voters disapprove of the Obama foreign policy right now by a margin of 56-36%.

Charles Krauthammer explained on Special Report that the "general perception is the world is going to hell and the president is out there playing golf, there's a disconnect here."

He said the poll numbers on U.S. action in Ukraine are not surprising because "nobody wants to be involved" including President Obama who has not made any case for it.

Krauthammer argued there is a "huge territory" between the U.S. going to war in Ukraine and doing nothing. He said Obama could choose to send better weaponry to the Ukrainians and try to "galvanize the Europeans."

"People are talking about world opinion is now inflamed over the shooting of the civilian airliner. World opinion on its own is useless. It's ephemeral and without leadership, it does nothing. The Europeans have done nothing except add a couple of names onto a list of people who get their assets frozen and denied visas so they can't vacation in Disney World. That is not exactly going to bring down the Russian economy," he said.

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