Israel's security cabinet today unanimously rejected a Gaza cease-fire plan proposed by Secretary of State John Kerry unless Israeli forces can continue to seek out and destroy Hamas’ network of tunnels leading into Israel, which has long been the priority of Operation Protective Edge.

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Kerry spoke about the ongoing Israel-Gaza crisis in a news conference in Cairo with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and said that work is needed to reach a truce.

More from the AP:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he has not yet reached a deal between Israel and Hamas to call a 7-day humanitarian truce in the Gaza war but is continuing work.

Kerry's comments at a Friday evening press conference in Cairo came after days of shuttling between the Egyptian capital, Jerusalem and the West Bank trying to work out a week-long truce. Israeli media say Israel's Security Cabinet rejected the plan in its current form.

Kerry said a truce would provide seven days to work out further talks to address each side's demands. He said some "terminology" on a truce's framework still needed work.

"We don't yet have that final framework, but none of us are stopping," he said.

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