James Carville and Andrea Tantaros joined Bill O’Reilly on The Factor to discuss a recent Fox News poll that revealed Americans' across-the-board disapproval of President Obama’s job performance and a perception that the president is failing to solve problems.

Carville pointed out that Obama’s numbers have been stable. 43% approval compared to 53% disapproval is not a positive distribution, but it at least has been consistent and not collapsing, according to Carville.

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He then shared a shocking opinion on the president. “Honestly, I don’t really think he much cares what we think, and I don’t think he cares about his poll numbers," he said. “He thinks he’s done and is doing a good job, and history will record him.”

Tantaros agreed that Obama doesn’t care and said that is the reason why his poll numbers are so low. He's passive-aggressive and he recoils from criticism and challenges, Tantaros stated.

Carville clarified that he believes the president cares about his job, but just doesn't care what critics think. He added Obama is similar to Dick Cheney, who also did not care what people thought about him.

O'Reilly concluded by saying that he believes Obama will "skip" out of the White House in a few years, looking forward to making $30 to $40 million a year in speaking fees and from writing.

Watch the full discussion above.

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