On tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly examined recent calls for President Obama to be impeached, including a new Fox News poll that asked about the president's job performance and if impeachment is a possibility.

The results are in: 36% of Americans favor impeachment, while 61% do not. O’Reilly compared this to an October 1998 CBS News poll that revealed 45% favored impeaching President Clinton and 53% were against it.

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“Impeachment is a last resort mechanism," the Factor host said. "And although President Obama is having trouble, most Americans believe impeachment would be an overreaction that would damage the country. But, there is no question that the president is under pressure.”

On every major issue, Americans disapprove of the president’s performance. O'Reilly cited statistics from the Fox News poll, and from healthcare to the economy, foreign policy and immigration, citizens disapprove of the president’s job performance.

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“Barack Obama has lost the folks. At least Americans who evaluate things in a fair way,” O’Reilly determined, adding that the president's current problems are exacerbated by his demeanor, which can be disengaged, apathetic, even arrogant at times.

The perception – even among some Democrats – is that President Obama is not authoritative and has lost his ability to deal with problems effectively.

O’Reilly pointed to another question on the Fox News poll that asked if Obama even wants to be president anymore. 52% said yes, but 41% think he’s had enough, which the Factor host says could be true.

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“The president is not the kind of guy who rallies the troops,” O’Reilly concluded. “He's not Knute Rockne or George Patton. Rather, he's an academic, a consensus seeker.”

“Well, there is consensus now: the majority of Americans believe President Obama is failing in his job.”

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