On America’s Newsroom today, Corey Powell joined Bill Hemmer to discuss the two year anniversary of an extreme solar storm  – also known as coronal mass ejection –  that, according to NASA, almost caused a catastrophe on Earth.

Powell, editor-at-large of Discover Magazine, called this “the least appreciated natural disaster” because people can more easily get their heads around visible phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes.

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Even though normal solar activity causes 100 million dollars in damage per year, according to Powell, people don’t comprehend the danger, even for a solar superstorm of the magnitude of the one in July 2012.

If that storm had hit a week earlier, Powell cautioned, it would have directly hit us, causing massive blackouts and knocking out power and utility services.

Hemmer pointed out that, before 2012, the last extreme solar storm to impact us was in 1859 and, hopefully, it will be at least that long before another comes our way.

Watch the clip above.

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