Megyn Kelly spoke to former CIA Director Michael Hayden about the world crises that may impact America’s security.

The latest cover of Time Magazine suggests that the United States has entered “Cold War II” with Russia.

Hayden said, “That’s a pretty dramatic statement, but we’re pretty close to that, Megyn.”

With regards to last week’s downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Hayden said, “As far as intelligence is concerned, we know what happened. The Russians created the circumstances by which that aircraft was downed.”

He said that the legal and ethical matter needs to be handled, and added that it’s “inarguable” that Russia has decided to use its armed forces to “overturn the post-Cold War security architecture in Europe.”

Kelly asked how President Obama should handle the situation. 

Hayden responded, “We have got to make this more costly to [President Vladimir Putin] and the Russian Federation. We have got to take steps that make them think twice about the kinds of actions that they’ve been undertaking now for the last two weeks or so, seemingly without cost.”

Watch the full interview above for more from Hayden on Iraq.