On today's Outnumbered, Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, Kirsten Powers, Kimberly Guilfoyle and #oneluckyguy Brian Kilmeade discussed comments President Obama made to some of his biggest donors during his three-day fundraising trip in California, in which the president asked Democratic voters to step it up for midterm elections, not just presidential elections.

Powers contrasted Obama taking time out of his schedule to go on a fundraising tour with a recent Fox News poll that found 58% of Americans think his administration has not been effective in managing the federal government.

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Kilmeade warned against the president working for his political party more than the country, but suggested that, even more than raising money, the president is interested in being around people and celebrities who worship him. Kilmeade called for Obama to roll up his sleeves and get tough on Putin, the situation in Israel and all the other serious global matters that demand his attention.

Powers added Obama shouldn’t blame Democratic voters, as poor turnout at the polls is an indication that the party is unhappy with the leadership.

Guilfoyle agreed that Obama loves the attention of galas and events and pointed out he is always quick to leave Washington whenever he's taking criticism.

Faulkner asked for more emotion from the president, especially with so much going on internationally. “Roll up those sleeves,” she said. “The president needs to have a Samuel L. Jackson moment.”

Watch the full discussion above.

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