We recently shared heartwarming video of an Iraq war veteran reuniting with the military dog who served by his side.

In 2012, when Sgt. Jason Bos (Ret.) left Iraq due to a back injury, his dog Cila was given to another military handler. When it was time for Cila to retire, the military contacted Sgt. Bos to ask if he wanted to her back.

Now, Bos and Cila are joining others to help bring home other military dogs.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy spoke to Sgt. Bos and Marine Corps veteran Sgt. Deano Miller who was also reunited with his dog Thor.

They will be appearing on Capitol Hill with the American Humane Association today to ask for the return and reunification of America’s military dogs.

It’s estimated that each dog saves between 150 and 200 service men and women overseas. Learn more about the congressional briefing here.

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