UPDATE: We heard from Jeff Duck Thursday morning on Fox and Friends, who explained that he was at the front of the clinic waiting when the last employee walked out. Duck said he doesn't usually experience long wait times at the facility, but had showed up without an appointment on that day.

He joked about a comment he received from someone on Facebook.

"They said that I did the right thing. Because as a Marine, they told me to sit there and wait and I followed orders," said Duck.

Watch the interview in the video above.

Another black eye for the Department of Veterans Affairs after new reports that a Marine veteran was locked inside a VA clinic in Florida. Jeff Duck called 911 Monday after the staff went home, forgetting that he was still waiting for the doctor.

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When he tried to leave, he triggered an alarm so he called 911. Duck took some video of the strange situation with his cell phone before authorities arrived to let him out.

Duck had been at the clinic for three hours trying to see his doctor for a refill of his pain medication.

Duck later questioned how the VA is going to handle its much broader problems if it can't get things like this in order.

The VA has since apologized to Duck and vowed to change its procedures "to ensure that this does not happen again."

Hear the 911 call and see the footage in the report above from Fox and Friends. For more on the VA scandal, catch Your World today at 4p ET as Neil looks at whether Congress will go on vacation before passing much-needed reforms.

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