A Minnesota man says he and his family were asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Minneapolis after he posted a negative tweet in reference to a Southwest employee.

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Trace Gallagher reported today on Duff Watson, who claims he is an "A-list" customer with Southwest, which allows him priority during boarding. When his nine and six-year-old children were not allowed to board the aircraft early, he had a terse exchange with a gate agent and then tweeted about the interaction, calling her the rudest agent and voicing his displeasure with Southwest.

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Shortly after Watson and his family reached their seats on the plane, they were asked to de-board. Watson said the agent felt her safety was threatened because of the tweet, and they were not allowed to re-board until he deleted it.

The family was given three $50 vouchers for a future Southwest flight, but Watson said he will never fly with the airline again.

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