There are new reports amid a crisis on our southern border that illegal immigrants are not showing up for their court dates.

According to reports out of Dallas, 90 percent of those recently scheduled to appear in court are no-shows. The Department of Justice also admits that nearly half of children who are scheduled for hearings have not shown up.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was on “The Kelly File” to discuss the immigration crisis.

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“What would be inhumane is to allow this to continue, and the only way you’re going to stop this from continuing is in fact if people are returned to their home countries… Just like the word is getting out that you should come [to the U.S.], the word would get out that things have changed and that people are being sent back, and that would stop the flow."

Rubio said that the U.S. can’t absorb everyone, as difficult as it may be from a humanitarian standpoint. He said perhaps other countries in the region – like Mexico and Panama – will step up and take some of the illegal immigrant children, but that America can’t handle the influx by itself.

He also noted that every year, 1 million people emigrate to the U.S. legally, which he said is “a testament to the openness of the American people.” Still, he said that we are a sovereign nation with laws and a process to ensure that those laws are followed.

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Rubio also discussed reports that many children are coming to the border with their parents, splitting up and then being reunited in the U.S.

Watch his interview above.