Megyn Kelly tonight took on Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA spokesperson Harris Zafar over the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“The contention that the victims have themselves to blame for their indiscriminate targeted murder, is not only insensitive, it’s dangerous and myopic,” Zafar said about Hamas using civilians to hide its weaponry. He said Hamas commits nefarious acts which must be condemned, but they do not embody the ambitions or desires of Palestinians.

Kelly asked him: Why did Palestinians elect Hamas?

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“People look at Hamas and say, ‘They are the Palestinians, and the Palestinians are Hamas,’” she said.

But Zafar said that’s the argument that was made by Osama bin Laden – that Americans elected George W. Bush and have forfeited rights to be protected civilians.

“The United States doesn’t have in its Constitution a stated mission of destroying another country. The Hamas charter specifically says ‘All Israelis must die,’” Kelly fired back.

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“Both sides have violated the laws of their own faith. So we can’t continue to defend one side versus the other […] Peace is with justice. It’s not with wars. You’re not going to get peace by killing more children,” Zafar said.

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