Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) tonight blasted the Obama administration for its response to the crisis in Ukraine.

“It’s cowardly to not give these people weapons for which to defend themselves,” McCain said, adding that perhaps Ukraine may have been able to move rebels out of its country if it had been given defensive weapons.

McCain said the reason they didn’t do that is because Obama “didn’t want to provoke Vladimir Putin.”

 Ukrainian Fighter Jets Shot Down in Eastern Ukraine

“I mean, the misreading of Vladimir Putin is the most amazing thing to me,” he said.

The Arizona senator called for sector sanctions on Putin and said we should send weapons to Ukraine and move NATO troops into the areas of the world where there is such unrest. He also said we should “condemn our so-called European friends” and added that until the Europeans are energy independent, they’re not going to do anything about Putin.

McCain also responded to Obama’s statement about the GOP that he would love nothing more than a loyal and rational opposition.

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“The self-pity that he continues to exhibit is really kind of sad, really […] I cannot explain it except to say that he does not have this desire to have social interface with people and sit down and try to work things out.”

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