The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on the company issuing “Made in USA” certification seals, alleging that the company is letting partners use the seal without checking that the products were in fact made in the United States.

The company’s website has a pledge that reads: "I pledge to buy American made products and to look for labels and tags that proudly state: Made in USA. I make this pledge because I believe in strengthening American workers, American companies and the American economy."

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Today on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, former prosecutor Jonna Spilbor called it one of the “best kept secret” scams.

“The guidelines say it has to be virtually, entirely made in the USA,” she said. “And yes, it’s hard. But don’t make money from selling the license if you can’t get enough people to comply with it.”

Watch 'The Real Story' segment above. 

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