The U.N. Relief and Works Agency said they found rockets in a UNRWA school in Gaza, but the weapons have since gone missing.

The UN secretary-general said today in a statement that he is “alarmed” to learn that rockets are missing.

“This statement tells you all you need to know about how corrupt and corrupted the UN is in the conflict between Israel and the Arabs,” Charles Krauthammer said on a “Special Report” panel tonight.

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“How do you smuggle 20 missiles into a classroom? Can you imagine a principal in the U.S. saying, ‘Well I really am not sure how they got there? What did the Hamas do?  Put them in a golf bag? Walk them in and say he’s preparing for the Gaza Open?” Krauthammer continued.

According to Krauthammer, UN workers have collaborated with Hamas for years.

“They know that there are missiles in the schools, in the hospitals, in the mosques and they know what’s gonna happen – kids will be killed and that’s gonna be on television,” he said.

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Krauthammer said that the problem isn’t the smuggling of weapons – it’s the use of human shields, which is a violation of the law of war. He charged the U.N. with aiding and abetting.

“The UN is so committed to the Palestinian cause and in this case the Hamas cause that it doesn’t even care about appearances,” he said.

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