As the bodies of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 begin arriving in the Netherlands, The Five discussed recent U.S. intelligence reports that suggest Russia was not “directly involved” in the downing of the passenger aircraft.

Opening the segment, Dana Perino reinforced that we’re talking about real people and lives here, and that Russia's lack of direct involvement will allow Putin "to get away with murder."

Greg Gutfeld said that even if pro-Russia separatists shot down MH17 on their own, there is still no excuse for the repulsive aftermath, including removing evidence and tampering with the bodies of victims, in addition to Russia initially supplying the rebels with weapons. He agreed with Perino that it appears the current administration in the U.S. will not act strongly.

“Our Winnie the Pooh doesn’t want to poke that bear,” he said.

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Eric Bolling called for hitting Russia where it hurts, with a boycott of their massive oil industry. He suggested by becoming energy independent and helping other countries in the region, the U.S. can decrease demand on Russian oil.

Agreeing this was a terrible tragedy and a dangerous situation, Bob Beckel disagreed that Putin is a bear, instead calling him a wounded cub whose country is falling apart.

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