Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on “Your World” this afternoon to discuss the FAA ban on flights to and from Tel Aviv.

“If you closed down JFK every time something dangerous happened within a mile or so of Kennedy Airport, we wouldn’t have a city. We couldn’t get people in and out of New York,” he said.

Bloomberg flew to Tel Aviv via El Al last night to show his support for Israel and to prove that it is safe to fly there. He said precautions taken in Israel are better than in the U.S.

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“If we let terrorists frighten ourselves into closing travel to different cities around the world, the economies of the world will collapse and terrorists will have won,” he said.

Bloomberg said we live in a dangerous world and have to make sure that we support and invest money in our security forces.

“But the days of just laissez-faire, saying, ‘Oh well, we don’t have to worry about it, I live in a safe part of the world,’ are long over. And if we didn’t learn that message from 9/11, I don’t know how we’re ever gonna learn the lesson. You couldn’t have been more safe in New York City right up until the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.”

FAA Halts US Flights to Tel Aviv Over Security Concerns

Hear what Bloomberg had to say about Israel, the white flags that mysteriously appeared on the Brooklyn Bridge, and if he would ever run for president in the video above.