As part of a television special on U.S. border security, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos swam across the Rio Grande River to demonstrate how some illegal immigrants enter the United States. Ramos spoke to Bill O’Reilly about his experience.

“I learned that it was really dangerous, [the river] has a very strong undercurrent and is full of debris and is contaminated,” Ramos said. “Despite the danger, children from Central America prefer to cross the river than just to stay home.”

It is estimated that about 100,000 children will enter the U.S. illegally by the end of the fiscal year. O’Reilly said that despite the threat of deportations, the unintended consequences are too “overwhelming” to ignore. “We can’t absorb all the world’s children,” he said.

Ramos argued that mass deportation isn’t the solution. “I don’t think any government should be in the business of deporting endangered children,” Ramos said. “That’s not the American way and it’s not the Christian way.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this week that he will deploy about 1,000 National Guard troops down to the border to aid patrol agents and stop criminal activity. The deployment will cost Texas an estimated $12 million per month. Ramos thinks Perry’s strategy isn’t going to work. “These children are not a security concern for the United States. They’re not terrorists and they’re not criminals,” he said. Ramos called the move “expensive and useless.”

O’Reilly disagreed and said the optics of having military presence along the southern corridor would send a strong message to illegal immigrants that they’re not going to be able to cross the border.  He also suggested that if Mexico doesn’t do its part by securing their side of the border, the United States should revoke the NAFTA agreement.

Watch more of the debate above. 

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