Despite two conflicting court rulings on ObamaCare tax credits – which could result in an appeal to the Supreme Court – those health care subsidies will continue, at least for now.

Gretchen Carlson was joined on The Real Story by Simon Rosenberg and Larry O’Connor to discuss these new developments.

Federal Appeals Court Invalidates Some ObamaCare Subsidies

Rosenberg, founder and director of the NDN, characterized Republicans as “cheering the idea that 5 million people with health insurance will (possibly) have to pay more,” which he called “bad politics.”

O’Connor, host of “Mornings on the Mall,” said, “People have been paying more for their health insurance ever since ObamaCare got voted in.”

According to O'Connor, Obama will do anything to force his health reforms through. “No matter what the courts say, no matter what Congress says, Obama’s going to have his health care law," he said. "And the American people are getting tired of that arrogance.”

When Carlson brought up Obama’s canceled appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and his upcoming fundraising events in California, O’Connor drew issue with the president raising money when there are so many pressing issues on the international scene.

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Rosenberg countered, “Fundraising is part of politics. John Boehner has raised $88 million. He’s continuing to raise money every day during these international crises. So is Mitch McConnell.”

Carlson pointed out that they are not the president, and things started to get a tad heated when Rosenberg suggested they are the same.

“John Boehner’s not the president," Carlson said. "President Obama is the leader of the free world and it’s a completely different ball game.”