Radio talk show host Mark Levin was on “Hannity” tonight, where he slammed Jon Stewart's “disinformation” and “propaganda in the form of jokes” about Israel and Gaza, calling him a clown.

“I would like to educate Jon Stewart and his clapping seal studio audience,” he said.

Levin said, “If Hamas had the weaponry that Israel had, nuclear weapons and other weapons, Israel would cease to exist," adding that Israel could take out the whole Gaza Strip in about 30 minutes if it wanted to, but it doesn’t.

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He also slammed President Barack Obama’s inability to concentrate on his responsibilities, like handling the immigration crisis.

“This man is a disgrace, shameless,” Levin said. “He will be going off to Martha’s Vineyard, where I understand they’re not sending illegal aliens.”

Levin said Obama is seen as a weak president.

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“When our enemies see weakness, they move. When our allies see weakness, they fear what’s going on in the world. These are very, very perilous times with an ideological, incompetent, unfocused president.”

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