Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss the conflict in Gaza.

He said being anti-Israel is a socially acceptable form of anti-Semitism, stressing that Israel is a lot like the U.S.

“Israel is a tiny island of civilization in a vast sea of barbarism called the Middle East. It respects women’s rights, education, the value of hard work, science, medicine. I mean, even the president isn’t above the law. It’s got a great court system. It’s us. It’s western civilization.”

FAA Halts US Flights to Tel Aviv Over Security Concerns

Sean Hannity said that Secretary of State John Kerry seems annoyed that Israel is defending itself against Hamas.

“John Kerry has again flown to the Middle East to rescue Hamas,” Peters responded.

While Israel wants to live in peace and prosper, Peters said Israel's neighbors want it destroyed.

Israeli Ambassador: U.N. Must Take a Stand Against Hamas’ Use of Human Shields

“Hamas could have stopped this conflict at any point by stopping the rockets, but Hamas knows, Hamas knows it wins by trotting out dead children and using women and children as human shields, and it is cynical, brutal, and they are the villains of this piece,” he said.

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