On tonight’s “Special Report” panel, Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the situation in Iraq, where ISIS is forcing Christians from Mosul.

ISIS has given Christians a deadline to convert to Islam, pay a fine, or leave.

Krauthammer called the situation a tragedy and said it’s happening all across the Middle East.

‘They’re Getting Their Way’: Hosts of ‘The Five’ Discuss ISIS & War on Christians

“This reveals the essence of jihadism,” he said.

He continued on, “This is the purest ethnic cleansing. This is the pure essence of the intolerance and barbarism of this kind of Islamic radicalism.”

Krauthammer asked, “Where is the president on this?”

ISIS to Christians in Mosul: Leave, Convert to Islam or Die

He said that Obama has said in speeches that the U.S. is disrespectful to Muslims, but wondered why he isn’t standing up for Christians now.

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