On The Five today, Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the case of Shaneen Allen, a Philadelphia mother of two who faces three years in prison for carrying a loaded gun into New Jersey with an out-of-state permit.

"In this age where every gun is evil, even victims must pay,” Gutfeld declared, as he blasted the media's anti-gun attitude and pointed to research that suggests more guns actually mean safer streets. "Data shows that the big rise in carry permits coincides with a huge drop in crimes," he said. "Over 11 million Americans can now carry, a 146 percent jump over 2007, as both murder and violent crimes have dropped by 22 percent.”

'Distorting Tragedy': Gutfeld Calls Out Exaggerated Study on School Shootings

“Thugs are less likely to target a victim who they believe is armed,” he encapsulated.

Andrea Tantaros called out "Draconian" gun laws. “The innocent are punished and the ones that actually commit these crimes are rewarded,” she said.

Although Bob Beckel challenged Gutfeld's statement that “a woman with a gun is safer than a woman without a gun," he agreed that the charges against Allen in this case are unfair. “It’s absolutely ridiculous," he said "They ought to give her a pass on this.”

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