Nine out of 10 parents admit that spanking their children is sometimes appropriate. This week, a New York court ruled in favor of a father charged with child abuse, saying that it was a “reasonable use of force.”

Is Yelling the New Spanking?

On Fox and Friends this morning, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow said it’s “never a good idea” to spank kids.

“The bottom line is it’s always the end of the discussion – hitting your kids. It’s never the beginning of a discussion. It teaches them nothing,” he said.

Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala disagreed. “Nobody wants to get hit, Keith. It’s called a deterrent.”

Referencing his personal childhood experiences, Aidala said. “I took an M-80, which is a quarter of a stick in dynamite. I lit it and I threw it in the middle of a parade. And my father caught me. Now what do you think he should’ve done? Put me in the corner for a time out? […] He hit me, so when the kids were going to steal the car, I said, ‘I’m not stealing the car.’”

Whose side of the debate are you on?

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