In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said that many Americans do not pay attention to what happens overseas, which gives President Obama cover as the nation declines.

According to recent polls, a majority of Americans do not even want to fight the ISIS terrorists who are surging in Iraq, which “The Factor” host warned against.

“The 9/11 attack was the worst thing to happen to this country since World War II," O'Reilly said. "Most of us were caught completely by surprise, and few of us had even heard of al Qaeda back then.”

He pointed out that it appears that same thing is happening now with the ISIS army mobilizing in Iraq, in addition to Iran's attempts at gaining a nuclear weapon, which Israel has said it will not tolerate.

On-the-street interviews with Americans in New York City further painted a picture of general disinterest and disconnection with international events.

“In this age of social media, Americans are becoming more apathetic, concerned primarily with their wallets and personal lives," O'Reilly said. "Many Americans simply don’t understand how weakness is putting us all in physical danger.”

Quoting a 1962 letter from President Kennedy to the commander of the American Legion, O'Reilly said, “We must be strong so that weakness does not tempt hostile nations into miscalculations,” and concluded that JFK knew security and peace can only be achieved through strength.

“I wish that President Obama knew that.”

Watch the full memo above.

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