On today's America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer shared the story of several Texas children who found themselves being chased out of a pond by an unexpected guest: an 8-foot long, 300-pound alligator!

MyFox Dallas-Forth Worth reported:

The alligator showed up in Texarkana as several kids spent the night in a tent in their backyard.

The campers heard the gator and assumed it was a small alligator. The next morning, they saw it swimming in the pond and thought the same thing. That was until it came running after them.

"This gator was hunting kids, and probably would have killed one if we hadn't got him,” said wildlife expert Mark McDonald. “It chased them out of the pond and I went and capture it because I knew it was bigger than what they were describing.

McDonald says the gator was stalking his prey.

“Regardless of how big the children say an animal is, if they see something in a pond or see something in the woods, parents need to listen to them. This gator was actually stalking those children and it was a dangerous situation,” said McDonald.

The alligator is expected to be taken to the East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park near Canton where it can be seen by the public.

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