Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) went “On The Record” tonight, where he discussed the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, the conflict in Gaza and violence in America’s big cities.

Paul said that our rebuke to the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash must be severe and stressed that Europe must talk about trade sanctions against Russia.

Of the conflict in Gaza, Paul said the U.S. should try to help negotiate a cease fire agreement to help end the fighting.

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“The other way it ends is Hamas runs out of rockets,” he said. “Hamas is out of money and will shortly be out of missiles.”

Paul said he has legislation in the works to ensure that the United States does not fund terrorists, specifically Hamas.

Paul also discussed his plans to address the Urban League. He said there are big problems in America’s cities and said that poverty and unemployment make violence worse.

“If Republicans wanna compete as a party, we have to compete in the big cities, which means we need to have a policy prescription [as to] how we’re going to cure poverty.”

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