Residents of Spring Hill, Florida – located an hour north of Tampa – are growing increasingly concerned as a massive, 30-foot-deep sinkhole continues to grow by the hour, threatening evacuations and property damage. reported:

The latest sinkhole in the Sunshine State, home to more of the fast-forming craters than any other state in the nation, opened up late Saturday on Spring Hill, a Gulf Coast town some 50 miles north of Clearwater. No one has been hurt, but at least one home has been evacuated due to the 40-foot-wide sinkhole and residents are concerned will spread to adjoining properties.

The hole — roughly 30 feet deep — appeared late Saturday at the intersection of Eldridge Road and Van Allen Way in Spring Hill … The extreme spectacle has prompted some residents to consider collecting tolls from onlookers and gawkers trying to get a glimpse of the crumbling earth.


Officials will investigate the hole on Monday to determine what action to take next.

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