A single email sparked a growing movement to make sure that our troops have exactly what they need overseas.

Four years ago, a Marine captain wrote to his longtime friend to say that his unit was in need of medical supplies. His friend, Aaron Negherbon, immediately responded with a care package and was inspired to do more.

Negherbon founded TroopsDirect, a nonprofit which provides items requested by units to troops across the globe.

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“It was truly one package that now, four years later, has turned into almost 200 tons of requested support to American service members around the globe,” he told Gretchen Carlson today on “The Real Story.”

Negherbon said the nonprofit isn’t “sending the standard cookies and candy,” but rather responding to specific requests from units for medical supplies, communications equipment, helmets and more. TroopsDirect acquires the items on the same day and ships them immediately.

Negherbon explained that when troops are overseas and need a re-supply of something, they often can’t get it in time due to bureaucracy and red tape, so they turn to TroopsDirect.

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“These are Americans. They serve our country voluntarily, they voluntarily go into harm’s way for you and I and for our sons and daughters. Whatever that call may be, they’re there. […] It’s our responsibility as Americans to make sure that they have what they need to do that job,” he said.

More than 90 percent of every dollar donated goes to helping troops in need. Go to TroopsDirect.org to learn more.