A promising medical breakthrough could raise the chance of survival for our military men and women in combat.

In combat, 90 percent of deaths occur due to blood loss because service members don’t reach a medical facility in time. Twenty percent of deaths are due to a junctional wound.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University invented injectable foam for their group project. The foam would be inserted into the wound, where it would expand and harden to stop bleeding.

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Group leader Sydney Rooney was on “Fox and Friends” to discuss the injectable foam. She said the device is the size of an Expo marker, so it’s portable, and it can be self-administered.

The group has been working with two physicians at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla. Rooney said the doctors, along with clinical advisers, are helping to continue the project into the future.

As for Rooney’s group project: they got an A.

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