Two lifelong friends have completed an unforgettable journey – an epic, 500-mile pilgrimage.

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray hiked 500 miles across Spain's Camino de Santiago. Skeesuck, who is in a wheelchair, said he got the idea while watching a PBS show about Camino de Santiago. He asked his wife if he should try it in his wheelchair, and she said he should. Then, he showed Gray the episode, and Gray told him, “I’ll push you.”

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“I knew it would be difficult, but the magnitude of the pilgrimage was something that you can only realize once you're there,” Gray said.

“We do come from a faith background, a Christian background, and that is a core to -- to how we operate as friends and brothers in Christ. And so that really plays into just the core of who we are as individuals, but also it's the strength and community that surrounds us. Our church family, our friends, our actual family members were praying for us while we were gone and giving us the strength to do that,” Skeesuck said.

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