A mentally ill man who was missing for six years has been found.

Euripides Cruz, 60, was wandering around Long Island, N.Y., when an officer picked him up and discovered that he had been missing since 2008.

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Cruz’s family says he has schizophrenia.

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Sherakhan Parker, the Southampton officer, first saw Cruz in Southampton July 10, then later that day in Quogue Village, police said.

Quogue Village Police Officer Theodore Richert stayed with Cruz at village police headquarters while Parker researched Cruz online, eventually learning he was a missing person, police said.

After being notified, Efrain's wife, Blanca Cruz, drove to Quogue and brought Euripides back home, she said.

Waterbury police did not return a call seeking comment.

Both Sgt. Susan Ralph, the Southampton Police public information officer, and Lt. Christopher Isola, of the Quogue Village police, praised Parker for good police work.

"He didn't do this for any recognition," Ralph said. "He did it because this is what police work is about. It's about helping people."

Ralph said it appears Cruz had been going from town to town on Long Island for much of the time he was missing.

"We think he was just homeless and just moving around on Long Island," she said.

Parker said he was glad to help Cruz return home to his family.