Four generations of one family took the plunge together, embarking on a skydiving adventure.

The Detrick family – 43-year-old Daryl, 65-year-old Dave and 88-year-old Bob – went skydiving for Nathan’s 18th birthday.

Nathan said this morning on “Fox and Friends” that he asked his great-grandfather on Father’s Day if he would join the family on the adventure.

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“I was like, ‘Pop-Pop, do you want to go skydiving with us?’ I never thought he would say yes,” Nathan said.

Bob said he enjoyed the experience because it was all four generations together.

“I would have never done it on my own, but with the gang, it was great. I loved it,” Bob said.

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Nathan said he’s going skydiving again in two weeks. Daryl, Dave and Bob all agreed that they would do it again together for a special occasion.

Watch the interview above.