Dan Gillerman, former Israeli ambassador to the U.N., was on “America’s News Headquarters” to discuss the conflict in Gaza.

Gillerman said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown “great restraint” in the 10 days before going into Gaza.

“The U.S. wouldn’t wait 10 seconds if one rocket was fired from across the border. Israel waited not 10 seconds or 10 hours but 10 days. Now that we are in there, we have to finish the job and make sure that we dismantle Hamas,” he said.

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The goal, he said, is “to avoid any further shelling of Israeli citizens, of women and children.”

Gillerman referenced the crashed Flight MH17, which sources say was accidentally shot down by pro-Russian separatists. He said that was a mistake, but Hamas is intentionally shelling Israel, firing 1,300 rockets and using its own children as human shields.

According to Gillerman, the U.N. yesterday discovered 20 rockets in a school in the Gaza strip.

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“Whoever keeps rockets in a school doesn’t care for their children,” he said.

Gillerman also responded to new reports that Hamas may be using animals as suicide bombers.

“It doesn’t surprise me that they use animals because these people are animals, they truly are,” he said.

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“If we don’t stop them here, they will soon raise their ugly head across the world,” he warned.

Watch his full interview above.

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