Moments ago, a firefight erupted near the Fox News crew’s location in Gaza City as the Israeli ground invasion continues.

Fox News correspondent John Huddy spoke to Megyn Kelly tonight about the situation in Gaza.

“We’ve had that kind of action before in the seven, eight days that we’ve been here now, but not with such frequency as we’ve seen tonight,” Huddy said, adding that the battle has intensified in the last 24 hours.

He said there have been about four or five airstrikes over the course of the last couple of hours.

Huddy said, “Whenever something is that close, including the artillery fire and the air strikes, I mean yeah, the natural tendency is to get down. And sure, it’s frightening. And as far as the people who stay in their homes and are being used as human shields, according to military officials, by Hamas, it’s unconscionable.”

He reported there are 70,000 Israeli troops amassed on the border with plans to go after Hamas’ underground tunnels. Watch video of the firefight and report above.